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TAJIKISTAN (Republic of Tajikistan):

The hunt in Tajikistan is conducted in the triangle between the borders of Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan. Our three outfitting areas lie close to each other, adjacent the Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan in the heart of the Pamir Mountains. This famous region is known as the Gorno Badakh Shan, and it contains approximately half of all the Marco Polo sheep population of the world. Hunters routinely see more than 1,000 sheep each hunting day!

The point of arrival is Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. From Dushanbe, our clients fly to the town of Khorog. From there hunters travel by Toyota land cruiser, into the hunting area. The several base camps are located at an altitude of 13,000 feet. Elevations in the hunting area range from 13,000 to over 15,000 feet. Stalking is done on foot, but long distances (up to 100 kilometers or more per day) are traveled by jeeps, in search of old, trophy quality rams. All the largest Marco Polo sheep ever recorded (over 70 inches) have come from Tajikistan. Average trophies range from 54 to 58 inches and several trophies over 60 inches are taken every season.


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In both Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, our camps are outfitted with modern equipment including camp beds, stoves and first-aid equipment. Camps situated at elevations above 12,000 feet are equipped with “Gamow” bags (portable hyperbaric chambers). Meals are prepared fresh daily from wholesome ingredients, including fresh vegetables and fruits. In Tajikistan the camps are equipped with flush toilets and hot water showers.

Normally we can accommodate four to six hunters per camp. Each hunter has his own guide team and vehicle. Each camp has one of our highly trained camp managers to oversee the hunt and a skilled interpreter. We are the only hunting company with a full-time station chief in Dushanbe to handle transportation, logistics and export documentation for our clients.